Motivating employees to grow, thrive and be more productive.

The Ultimate Employee

Recognition and Rewards Program

We build a culture of recognition and rewards to engage and retain your staff.

Why are we the best solution?

Employees can choose their own rewards or select from over 10,000 ideas.

We make recognition easy. With one click you can recognize employees.

You get detailed reporting so you can clearly understand the ROI

97% Employee Satisfaction Rating

Unlike any other platform, Bucketlist rewards employees in a way they love. Only 1 in 10 employees values a gift card. With Bucketlist employees can choose their own reward.

We’ve seen people learn new skills like photography, new languages, and we’ve even seen one person fly to Tanzania to help build a school so that local kids could learn how to read.


Our platform makes it a snap to roll out an enterprise awards program.

Easily Measure and Manage Your Awards

Core Value Awards

Custom Awards

Years of Service

Innovation Awards

Safety Awards

Bart Wisniowski

President Advisor Websites

Brian Scudamore

CEO of O2E

"Helping your staff fulfill their goals improves productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction."

Nicholas Popoff

Gem Hospitality Group

Happy customers

We help both small and large organizations implement effective recognition systems.

"Bucketlist is a culture building platform. It's a great way to align staff members around values and key activities. It's also a ton of fun. From an ownership perspective I'm always interested in recruiting and keeping great people and this is the best tool I've found".

"As a tech company we're always looking for ways to keep our team fired up. This was, by far, the most popular program we've had this year. People love the recognition and the ability to knock things off their bucketlist."

Some of our happy clients


Our software makes it easy and fun for team members to recognize one another. 

Employee Recognition

Rewards your employees will love

Reward your employees in a way that matters. With bucketlist they can choose from thousands of options or create their own reward.

Scientifically Backed Results


31% lower voluntary turnover in high recognition companies

21% higher productivity



67% of employees say recognition is a top performance motivator

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